5 Amazing Herbs That Provide Natural Relief For IBS Symptoms

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a widespread issue nowadays, with millions of people affected. You might opt for prescription medicines to get relief but they don’t work for everyone. Plus, IBS can adversely affect your life, work, and relationships. There are many reasons you might have IBS, but the important thing is to take the right preventative measures and get rid of this issue once and for all.

One great way is to opt for organic and natural remedies. You can even opt for probiotics for irritable bowel syndrome that possess natural herbs and compounds. However, you first need to learn which herbs are excellent sources to get natural relief for IBS symptoms. Take a look at this IBS relief guide to get started.

1. Chamomile

One of the first natural herbs on this list is good old chamomile. People already know that chamomile has a very relaxing effect on the mind and body. Many consume it before bed to get a night of restful sleep or to calm their nerves.

However, many people don’t know that it also works wonders for IBS. It has a relaxing effect on the gut, especially the nervous system. This helps ease constipation and gas formation while improving the mood as well.

In addition, chamomile comes from the daisy plant and can’t be consumed through tea or supplement capsules. Moreover, it’s also thought to reduce gut spasms gut that causes pain, according to a study.

2. Caraway

Next on the list is Caraway. This has carminative and anti-bacterial properties. This aids in increasing the number of normal flora in your digestive system. Also known as Carum Carvi, it has been used as a natural way to treat indigestion and other digestive issues for a long time. It has a unique aroma and a sharp, warm taste.

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3. Stinging Nettle

Another useful herb for IBS is stinging nettle. It helps in ending the bleeding in the stomach and colon. It also reduces inflammation. It has been popular in herbal medicine since ancient times and is a staple ingredient in many IBS supplements thanks to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

4. Senna Leaves

Senna is an FDA-approved laxative that is used to treat constipation as a result of IBS. It is also used to clear the bowel and ease constipation. It contains several chemicals known as sennosides. These irritate the bowel lining, which leads to a laxative effect.

5. Cumin

Finally, the last natural herb to treat IBS on the list is cumin. It’s very common and can be found in most kitchens. However, many people don’t know that it is also used in IBS supplements. It is a popular laxative and contains pain-relieving and carminative properties. In addition, it eases the digestive system by inducing pancreatic enzymes.

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